Message From Delores Evans

Western Region President

Celebrating Our Historical Memories of Yesterday,
The Steadfast Dedication of Today
Our Hopes and Dreams of Tomorrow”.
I Corinthians 3:9-10 (KJV)


I bring you GREETINGS from the Mile Hi City, Denver, CO where we are one mile closer to heaven. Above all else, I want to give honor to Jesus the Christ. Congratulations to our newly elected; NATIONAL PRESIDENT, right here from Denver, CO, President RUTH I JONES; to our Western Region Director, Usher Pamela Farley; the Western Region Chairman of the Board of Directors, Usher Willis Warren and his official staff; National Board Chair, Usher Patricia Holmes; my VP’s, Ushers Eagans-Molina, Childress, Harrison, State Presidents, and all appointed and elected Western Region officers: My name is Delores Evans, the new President of the Western Region. I am HUMBLED to have the opportunity to serve in this capacity.  This is an awesome organization, and it has granted me the privilege to sit under excellent leadership in years past.  WE will carry on the TORCH- the Ministry of Ushering. Locally, I have served as CUUC (Church Ushers Union of Colorado) President as well as the position that I currently hold as the Chairman of the Board for CUUC.  When there are five (5) states under one umbrella, it is somewhat different yet remarkable to witness.  So, I have to say, Lord lead ME and GUIDE me along the way.  With the Western Region having such committed and willing workers, I have no doubt that together we will continue this journey. Throughout the years, I have read many books dedicated to strengthening my Christian walk. One of the guideline books stated that we should LOOK like Christians. Well, I am not sure what a Christian should look like, but I do know that Christians should have the love of JESUS in our heart. Our actions will overshadow how we look and what we say.Each day there are new opportunities for greatness.  So, we must ensure that we’re on one accord, have a vision in our eyes, communicate clearly with each other, accept the mission, and know what it takes to grow this organization. As time goes on, we must also remember that we are a family. Bring to the table every idea that would assist us in pressing towards the mark! In the word of my pastor, “Let’s go to work!”


Delores Evans, Western Region President


Delores Evans